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Get Healthy From the Inside-Out!

Opt-Out of Burnout With Heart-Led Living

Join us at Bella Vita for a First of it's Kind
Positive Psychology & Essential Oils Series


Eileen Reiman

Essential Oil Specialist


Alana Ezderman

Positive Psychology Coach

Per Class


Rewire your mind for positivity and anchor yourtransformation with the healing power of essential oils!


  • 9/21 Opt-Out of Burnout

  • 10/19 Chakras: Invisible World of Energy

  • 11/16 Science of Gratitude

  • 12/7 Science of Intention

  • 1/11 Real-Time Resilience

  • 2/8 Art of Forgiveness

As the summer draws to an end, combine PositivePsychology tips & tricks with essential oils for acalm re-entry into the the fall!

9/21, 6:30 pm at Bella Vita

  • Identify burnout triggers

  • Use your body to send a message of calmto your mind in real-time

  • End rumination, cultivate intuition

  • Create a mantra to shift your perspective

  • Increase time in the present moment &lean into joy, connection and love

Receive a Gift Bag & Chance to Win a Giveaway!

4885 Arthur Kill Road 347-838-6767